Gel Sheets Suppliers

Cold Gel Packs

Gel packs are made of heavy-duty plastic filled with a gel that won't freeze in cold temperatures. The gel is durable and will reach a freezing temperature, just as ice will, but will not freeze into a solid form.We offer our range of Cold Gel Pack at most affordable prices.

Ice Gel Packs

The range of Ice Gel Packs we manufacture and supply can be found in convenience stores as well as first aid kits, make treating an injury away from home quick and simple.

Gel Ice Flexi Pack

We hold expertise in manufacturing, supplying and export of Gel ice pack that is widely used to offer soothing heat for the preservation of food items for a longer duration of time. A gel ice flexi pack includes ice pads, flexible ice packs, ice gel.

Hot And Cold Gel Blanket

We are pioneers in manufacturing and supplying Gel Blankets, which are revolutionary new product that provides superior ambient temperature control for shipping your perishable products. However, blankets are useful for individuals suffering from night sweats or hot flashes.